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A Pro Tool for Smart Giving

Remember the on-going effort in fundraising? Let us make your job brainless while keeping donors at the end of your fingertip.





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4% + 40c


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Match-Fund Management


User-Generated Causes


Cause Management


Smart Donor Information


Multi-organization access


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Message Board

News Feed Post

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Push Notification

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QR Strategy & Installation


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Special Features

Building Community

Equipped with news feed, message board, & notifications for 2-way communications.

Match Funding

Got early supporters? Don't waste their good intentions. Setup match fund so their donation multiplies.

Raffle that Collects

It magically generates donations when used at events. Try it out a couple times if you don't believe it.

10-15 Secs to Donate

In comparison, it takes 10 mins to send a check and 2 mins to fill out online donations.

Materials & Templates

Generate, print, display, and share QRs and ready-to-use marketing materials that allow you to collect donations for a specific cause very fast.

Donor Information

MercyWallet allows registered organizations to access their donor profiles. Get to know guests who love your organizations. Get notified when they move to another address.

Unlimited Causes

Look at checks no more for any fundraisings. Any causes are linked to a QR code at your disposal. A post in the news feed are linked to a cause of a nonprofit.

Monitor Your Matching Fund

Control your active match-funding sessions to maximize donations. Collect or end an on-going match-fund anytime you wish.