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If you need a separate admin account for your organization, choose "Corporate Account" as your title in the registration page.

Adding an organization to MercyWallet

By performing any actions here, you agree to all terms & conditions in MercyWallet & Catholicer.

What organizations can be added?

Please review our statement of faith and moral related policy. Although we are a Catholic organization, but we believe in other non-profits of goodwill. Adding an organization is considered an act of partnership between Catholicer and your non-profit.


Please look at our home page.

My Responsibilities Upon Approval

Your organization assumes the responsibility to send acknowledgment letters and end of the year summary to donors as required by law for all transactions recorded in the linked Stripe account (all of which will be visible in the transaction page of this Dashboard).

You should NOT send a donor any acknowledgement, receipt, or end-of-the-year summary that includes any transactions that occured before the day you receive an approval email from MercyWallet, because we will be the one to send them.

You are responsible to watch for an email from us daily after making any submission, and reply to it immediately

Making a Submission

* In general, one submission is valid for one institution in ONE location only. A religious community, with 2 houses + 1 retreat house requires 3 separate submissions.

0. Make sure your 501(c)3 is verified by

This is highly inconvenient, but Apple has set a rule if your organization would appear to receive donations on iOS AppStore, it needs to be verified by Benevity. Please visit section at if you need more information from Apple. If you can't claim/add your organization on Benevity, there is a chance that it has been verified before.

1. You need a Stripe Account

- Unique Stripe account is required for each submission

- We discourage organizations from using the Stripe account for other purposes

- Select a payout schedule of your choice

- Please use this dashboard the best you can before operating manually in Stripe

2. Click here to connect MercyWallet Stripe account to your organization's

* You will be redirected back here from Stripe for each successful connection, please continue to the next step.

3. Click here to email us a few information we need or use this email template and email send it to

I have connected a stripe that is not currently used by MercyWallet for other submissions. My organization has been verified by

- Complete Organization name

- Complete Address

- Contact Information

- Website

- Your top level identity website (general curia, diocese, if applicable)

- Religious Affiliation [Roman Catholic?]

- If this is a religious community, list the hierarchy from your chapter/organization to the Holy See (if pontifical)/Diocese (if diocesan) level

- Which diocese does the address above belong to? (if applicable)


- Proof of 501(c)(3)

- A profile picture for your organization

- Who you are and your position within the organization

I have the authority to represent my organization and declare that if this submission is approved, my organization assumes the responsibility to send acknowledgment letters and end of the year summary to donors as required by law for all transactions recorded in the linked Stripe account (all of which will be visible on my dashboard).

* The EIN & 501c3 document of a roman Catholic parish might be its diocese's

What's next?

It might take up to 7 days for us to process, we will send you an update via email. If accepted,

Your organization may appear on Catholicer directory

Your organization will appear on MercyWallet App to receive donations

If previously listed, your organization might disappear from MercyWallet App without notice up to 1-2 days to ensure there is a clear cut which are the transactions you need to report for tax-purposes.

Once everything is clear, you can manage donors, contribution types, and transactions from this dashboard


Push Notification

Reach your donors the way that catches their attention. The notification will bring a user to your donation page when clicked.

* This feature will let you notify all previous donors to the selected cause. MercyWallet will review your submission, if accepted, announcement will be made right away. Fee applies.
* This feature cannot be used for a disabled cause.

Marketing Materials

We've made it easy for you to get your donors to donate.




Printable QR Set

Proof of Donation Card

If mobile payment is uncommon in your parish, some might feel uncomfortable not to put cash to the collection basket. This card can replace your cash and check until the parish becomes used to it.

Church admin can put this stack of cards on a table in front of the church or behind the pew. Please recycle the card for the following mass. We can also send you copies which have your QR upon request.

You can print it yourself or we can send you copies. Please make sure your mailing address in the app is current.


Manage Causes

Add restricted donation categories for donors to support.

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* You can disable but not delete an existing cause. Click the cause name to rename it if it is really necessary. It is unlawful to alter the title of an existing cause which already produces donations.

Programs & Offerings

Free Consultation

Is your operational and admin cost too high around getting donations? Our digital and process expert will assess the situation in your nonprofits and help you come up with a plan to reduce costs. Schedule a zoom call.

Learn How To Reach Millennials

Do you know how millennials give? Definitely not with a solicitation letter. We will help you be an expert in getting your donors to give via the app. Schedule a zoom call.

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