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Last Updated: Feb 7th, 2023

Why do my payments often fail?

If you are using Android's Google Pay, go to and complete your CVC & billing address.

Where does my donation go?

Your donations go directly to each claimed recipient's stripe account. If they are yet claimed, we send them a check with accumulated amount in the next of few months. We take a low fee for each transaction according to our pricing model and agreement.

Is MercyWallet secure?

MercyWallet relies on the most secure technology: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe. We take various measures to keep any collected data secure.

Can any 501(c)(3) be listed?

As long as they are considered Public Charity in the eyes of IRS and are align with our moral belief.

How is this different from Venmo, PayPal, or Online Givings.

Venmo is a Mobile Wallet where users could keep their money in the account. PayPal is an e-Wallet which is similar to venmo but also has a major web presence. Online Giving is a Merchant Payment Processor on a website, each nonprofit organization has its own registration system. MercyWallet is a mobile donation aggregator, users do not keep funds in MercyWallet. Unlike Venmo that requires the share of user's ID, MercyWallet uses a GPS-based listing and provides a directory of charities to choose from.

Is there a similar product like MercyWallet?

Yes, but MercyWallet is the only non-web version. Eg. Benevity, CharityNavigator, NetworkForGood.

Are ApplePay and GooglePay E-Wallet?

No, while they have wallet technology we simply use them to authorize stored creditcards.

Why my Google Pay's Paypal resulted in a Discover credit card?

This is the intended outcome that Stripe produces, the payment gateway we use. But be at peace that your donation goes through well.

Why do I need a Catholicer account?

MercyWallet was designed as part of the services available for Catholicer users.

How does donation receipt work here?

Catholicer will send you a summary in the following calendar year for tax-deduction record. For non-tax purposes, feel free to use your records in the app or the email receipts sent by Stripe.

Why is it not free?

There is no free payment platfrom out there. PayPal Giving Fund and Facebook Charity Donation are sponsored by each's corresponding company, aside from them, everyone is charging with similar or higher price compared to MercyWallet. has a good article about the myth of free payment processing.

What are the compatible devices?

Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. iOS 10.0 or later.