The next generation donors the best tool to give to nonprofits, mass, appeals, fundraisings. The future is QR. Venmo, Paypal, Payment Portal is outdated and slow, younger generations find that nonprofits are hassles when it comes to donation, but the reason they still give is due to the cause. However, many are losing tons of donations because of this silly dated way of giving.
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Open, Tap, Give.

Support different organizations without multiple signups. Our foundation will forward your donations to any nonprofits.

Covid-19 Announcement - MercyWallet is still 100% running.

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  • No More Signups

    Online giving serves one nonprofit, MercyWallet serves all nonprofits. Registered nonprofits will be given access to transaction details, donor's name, address, and email.
  • Doubling Donations

    Give more when your beloved organization receives a pledge from other users.
  • Donation Tracker

    Got piles of acknowledgement letters & emails to dig? We provide donation record and year-end receipt.
  • Secure Platform

    We take security and privacy seriously. We rely on the proven Stripe financial network, and will not ever sell your personal information.
mercywallet accepts credit cards

4% + 40c @ Transaction

Extra delivery fee applies to unclaimed organizations.

Tax Deductible

Your donation goes to Catholicer, a 501(c)(3), from whom you will receive year-end receipts. Donnations will be forwarded via e-transfer or check to designated nonprofits.

Guaranteed Delivery

Our delivery rate has been 100%. We are more than happy to share our donation report in any closed book accounting year to a nonprofit organization.

This app, while new, is going to be the way that charity's around the globe get money where and when they need it most with the least effort! ~ Matt Malek, Hollywood
It frustrates me how sometimes it is difficult to get off online giving. I hope they will send me an email for me to approve the recurring instead of silently charging it. This app is cool, I don't need to dig all my emails from last year looking for all donations to different organizations. Now I've found this app, I wouldn't go back to online giving. ~ Matt, New York
I go to church with friends, each week we decide which parish fits everyone's schedule. MercyWallet is convenient. While online giving is only for 1 organization, MercyWallet is for any churches ~ Jason, San Francisco