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Know how people can safely donate to Notre-Dame?

With MercyWallet installed, scan or click the QR below to directly donate to Friend of Notre-Dame de Paris, their official 501(c)(3) in the US, without other parties involved.
Notre-dame on fire (AP/Thibault Camus/NCRegister.com)
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Now you know

We're called to love, but..

Who needs my help? Not sure if my donation safely arrives. I am not a committed donor. I am busy and got a family to take care. I hop around churches. I am cashless during services. Donation envelope isn't for me. I don't go to fundraising events. I am tired of too many crowdfundings, online-givings and apps.


I want to make meaningful impacts.
You are one of us. You might unconsciously look for hassle-free and


All you need to do is


and sign in to our app, then subscribe to our social media to


for these opportunities. Anytime you see a mercywallet donation link or QR, you can make a donation in 10 seconds on your smartphone.

Can't find your favorited organization within the app?

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Be an Ambassador!

You can help your community by spreading the word out to churches or organizations. Once they've registered to MercyWallet, other users can immediately donate to those organizations.

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  • The easiest way & best experience

    Donate within 10 seconds. Pay with any payment methods from your smart phone with less friction.
  • All from one app

    Sign up once and give church offering and during fundraising one thumb at a time. Easily review your donations for tax purposes. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • High-tech & secure

    MercyWallet relies on no hacking or incorrect transactions because they are based on the proven Stripe financial network.
  • Refund available

    If an unregistered organization fails or decides not to cash your money. We will refund your donations in full.

For Organizations

Start receiving donation today!
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The Easiest Way to Give

MercyWallet delivers easier and more seamless experience than Paypal, Venmo, Online Givings, RF readers, solicitation letters, and others raw and traditional technology.

Why Spend Money for Mobile Experience?

With 5-10 minutes $0 signup process, donations will appear in your bank account. Avoid paying thousand dollars to implement a mobile donation for your organization.

Reach The Unreachable

MercyWallet is the way Gen-Y and Gen-Z donate. It best serves “on-the-go” donations, small donations, and event-based fundraisings. Also perfect for fundraising via Radio, TV, or other media.

Awesome Donor Information

MercyWallet allows registered organizations to access their donor profiles. Get to know guests who love your organizations. Get notified when they move to another address.

Per Transaction Fee: $0.4 + 4%

* CreditCard Processing Included.

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