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Give Hope to "Smokey Mountain" in Tondo

Thousands of people are living with a 50-meter high mountain of rubbish & 2 million tons of wastes.. We care committed to provide education, improve the ability to have viable jobs, and to finish building the San Pablo Apostle Catholic Church.
Dominican Republic

Helping Provide Safe Housing To Those In Need

For the poor in developing countries, obtaining a safe home is often a dream beyond reach. Many families live in run-down shanties because it is all they can afford.
Around the World

Feed Women & Solve Hunger

Deep-rooted gender norms, man-made conflict and a lack of equal rights trap women and girls in a cycle of disadvantage, poverty and hunger.
Sri Lanka

Recover from physical and emotional wounds.

An urgent appeal for Sri Lanka has been launched in the wake of the attacks that left more than 320 dead

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