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Unlike any others, Faith communities give to diverse nonprofits. Giving to dozen different organizations has never been easier.

mercywallet connects donor to charities and churches

Connecting Charities, Churches & Donors.

MercyWallet App helps people support their favorite charities. Catholicer receives donations and makes grants to designated charities. Catholicer is a 501(c)(3) public charity (Federal Tax ID: 82-0847133).

mercywallet connects donor to charities and churches
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  • Find Any Charities

    Get connected to all nonprofits that are dear to you. Googling them one by one is of the past. We are also the only aggregator that serves all Catholic Churches.
  • No More Signups

    Online giving serves one charity, MercyWallet serves all charities. Registered charities can access transaction details, donor's name, address, and email.
  • Doubling Donations

    Give more when your beloved charity receives a pledge from other users. User can specify a pledge term used to match donations from the public.
  • Avoiding Donation Wastes

    More than $300 billion donated to charities last year was paid to the charities by cash or check. Could you imagine the expensive operational cost to process them? Our donation pool will save everyone's money.
mercywallet accepts credit cards

4% + 40c @ Transaction

Extra delivery fee applies to unclaimed nonprofits.

Tax Deductible

Your donation goes to Catholicer, a 501(c)(3), from whom you will receive year-end receipts. Donations will be forwarded via e-transfer or check to designated charities.

Guaranteed Delivery

MercyWallet's delivery rate has been 100%. We are more than happy to share our donation report to a charity in any closed book accounting year.

This app, while new, is going to be the way that charity's around the globe get money where and when they need it most with the least effort! ~ Matt Malek, Hollywood
It frustrates me how sometimes it is difficult to get off online giving. I hope they will send me an email for me to approve the recurring instead of silently charging it. This app is cool, I don't need to dig all my emails from last year looking for all donations to different organizations. Now I've found this app, I wouldn't go back to online giving. ~ Matt, New York
I go to church with friends, each week we decide which parish fits everyone's schedule. MercyWallet is convenient. While online giving is only for 1 organization, MercyWallet is for any churches ~ Jason, San Francisco

Just want to donate?

Here are a few of the thousands of charities we can connect you to.
MercyWallet App makes donating friction-less.

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Connecting charities, churches to donors.