The next generation donors the best tool to give to nonprofits, mass, appeals, fundraisings. The future is QR. Venmo, Paypal, Payment Portal is outdated and slow, younger generations find that nonprofits are hassles when it comes to donation, but the reason they still give is due to the cause. However, many are losing tons of donations because of this silly dated way of giving.
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For Church Leaders Who Love The Next Generation

Don't lose another donation.

Your free MercyWallet QRs can be found in the dashboard or within the app. Make sure you display them in your church building, website or other marketing materials.

Busy pastor?

Forget about onboarding. You can tell your congregation about MercyWallet and we'll do the rest.

Provide your people a donation app in minutes

  • Distractions Free & Fast

    Don't let online giving donation proof card distract church services. Holy mass stays holy and undistracted with MercyWallet. 15-minute collection time can be reduced to a minute.
  • Automated E-Deposit the Next Day

    Get all your money to the final bank account without intermediary or offline process. Donation delivery guaranteed or full refund otherwise.
  • Multiple Campaigns

    Add a cause from the app or the management dashboard. Your donors can also create a reusable cause! Perfect for engaged members of organizations who believe in your missions.
  • Dedicated Profile & Branding

    We let you provide the best branding, so donors will know it is you when they scan your QR or select your organization.
  • Not Slow like Text-to-Give & Websites

    Don't let fear overshadow our fundraising when telling donors what to do. Get the donations when donors still have your organization in their mind with location-based & QR Giving.
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Monthly Fee







4% + 40c

4% + 40c


Fee applied


Match-Fund Management


User-Generated Causes


Cause Management


Smart Donor Information


Multi-organization access


Transaction & Donor Export

Message Board

News Feed Post

$4.99 each

$0.99 each

Push Notification

$4.99 each

$0.99 each

QR Strategy & Installation


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We've got your back!

With a Success Coach by your side, you're equipped to make the best of our platform. 1:1 coaching sessions and resources to promote mobile and QR giving are available. We guide and motivate leaders and staff to engage 100% of your younger members to give, whether you're launching a first giving program or you've partnered with MercyWallet.

Materials & Templates

Generate, print, display, and share QRs and ready-to-use marketing materials that allow you to collect donations for a specific cause very fast.

Donor Information

MercyWallet allows registered organizations to access their donor profiles. Get to know guests who love your organizations. Get notified when they move to another address.

Unlimited Causes

Look at checks no more for any fundraisings. A cause has a QR code at your disposal. A post in the news feed corresponds to a cause for a particular nonprofit.

Monitor Your Matching Fund

Control your active match-funding sessions to maximize donations. Collect or end an on-going match-fund anytime you wish.