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The only donation app that serves all Catholic churches

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Spontaneous donors prefer an Aggregator like MercyWallet to an Online Giving. Many of your non-donating parishioners just need a tool that fits their one-time, non-binding, or impulsive donation process.

  • Distraction Free & Fast

    Don't let online giving donation proof card distract church services. Holy mass stays holy and undistracted with MercyWallet. 15-minute collection time can be reduced to a minute.
  • Automated E-Transfer

    Get all your money to the final bank account without intermediary or offline process.
  • Multiple Campaigns

    Add a cause from the app or the management dashboard. Your donors can also create a reusable cause! Perfect for engaged members of organizations who believe in your missions.
  • Dedicated Profile & Branding

    We let you provide the best branding, so donors will know it is you when they scan your QR or select your organization.
  • Avoid More Accounting

    Are you already overwhelmed maintaining accounting? MercyWallet will only send you money or checks. We'll take care of all tax-related documents on your behalf.
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4% + 40c

4% + 40c


1% + $1 (check)

$0 (e-transfer)

Multiple Restricted Donations


Access Donations & Donor Info


Fully Customize your page


Manage Multiple Organizations


Send Messages to Supporters

Third-Party Export

Access to Partner Offers

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$4.99 each

$0.99 each

Send Push Notification

$4.99 each

$0.99 each



Install a Philanthropic Development Office at a Discounted Price.

Spring Rain Global is an organization that leads global partner towards a sustainable ecosystem among donor and donees and towards sustainability of mission through financial planning and philanthropy. Available only for their new customers.

Customer Journey


We've got your back!

With a Success Coach by your side, you're equipped to make the best of our platform. 1:1 coaching sessions and resources to promote mobile and QR giving are available. We guide and motivate leaders and staff to engage 100% of your younger members to give, whether you're launching a first giving program or you've partnered with MercyWallet.