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Equal Charitable Opportunity

For individuals to fulfill their callings

We have identified the diminishing interests of next-gen small donors participating with charities & ministries with the rise of Philanthropic Ecosystem and complicated development efforts. We believe giving is an opportunity to fulfill one's calling and is not a privilege of those in a circle of close friends or rich.

For nonprofits and movements to get support

We have witnessed various communities transformed into a business to make their missions sustainable. While it might be suitable for some communities, it has shifted those whose calling to fulltime charity and prayers to dedicate their life to a business of fundraising. Even so, some nonprofits do not have the resources they need to perform these tasks. We step in and provides the global communities to have access to the same donors that the wealthy nonprofits have access to, with the same technology.

Darren Gozali


Founder of Catholicer in Silicon Valley. Former Carmelite Lay Community Leader with decades of tech background.

Clarissa Short


Finance Professional with experience in Healthcare and Biotech. Based in Southern California.

Heather Gong


Vibrant designer based in San Francisco, passionate about intersection of human and tech, coffee addict, travel enthusiast, lover of all dogs & foods.

Mayra Brown


CEO and Managing Director of 1858, former Relation Officer & Director of Development at Relevant Radio.

Dc. Rory Desmond

Advisor and Ambassador

Permanent Deacon in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Former Executive & Economist at Charles Schwab.

Matthew Malek


Hollywood Producer of Silence, Peanut Butter Falcon, ex. Seminarian.