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If donors want to give,

why give them homework? Ask them to use MercyWallet.

Spontaneous donors prefer MercyWallet to any online givings. Many skip donating to charities because online giving doesn't fit them.

Nonprofits Have a Lot to Juggle

From grant writing, cause marketing, donation accounting, tax compliance, to asking for donations at various locations. MercyWallet allows charities to seamlessly allocate big donations to match all MercyWallet users. Whether online or live, our users can always give to your cause in 15 seconds. We take care of their tax-related documents so you don't need to waste time on accounting or mail deliveries. Using the messaging & push system, you can reach all different donors painlessly without consuming the earth with solicitation letters.


QR Giving™, GPS, and directory make donating seamless.


Notification method that users read these days.


Maintain a two-way communication between donors and nonprofits.


Reduce your operation, we will take care of their year-end donation receipt.








4% + 40c

4% + 40c


1% + $1 (check)

$0 (e-transfer)

Multiple Restricted Donations


Access Donations & Donor Info


Fully Customize your page


Manage Multiple Organizations


Send Messages to Supporters

Third-Party Export

Access to Partner Offers

MercyWallet Feed Post

$4.99 each

$0.99 each

Send Push Notification

$4.99 each

$0.99 each


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Install a Philanthropic Development Office at a Discounted Price.

Spring Rain Global is an organization that leads global partner towards a sustainable ecosystem among donor and donees and towards sustainability of mission through financial planning and philanthropy. Available only for their new customers.