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When Visiting

Nonprofits, Monasteries, or Pilgrimage Sites

When Attending

Fundraising, Masses, Conferences

When Recalling

Our brothers and sisters in need

Love Your Neighbors in a Smart New Way

  • A mass goer donated to a parish that needs better music instrument.
  • International visitors with no USD use MercyWallet for mass collection.
  • A Catholic who wasn't interested in a 2nd collection during a mass used MercyWallet to help another charity.

How would you help nonprofits that matter to you?

  • A user challenged friends to donate by pledging $100 match-fund. He ended up producing > $100 with only $15 spent.
  • A user setup match funds for churches instead of giving during the mass. It made those who give small donations feel more impactful.

What would you donate to using Match-Funding?

  • A user supports a religious community, an organization that helps the disabled, and a pro-life organization.
  • An international individual donated for victims of terrorist attack when seeing a need in the app's newsfeed.

Which nonprofits do you support? There are others who believe in them.

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Universal Mobile Donation Platform

  • Double your donation

    Give more when your beloved organization is receiving a pledge from other users or institutions.
  • Make your $50 deliver $500

    A smart donor understands the power of matching fund, we are the first fintech that brings Crowd Match-Funding. STATS: 84% of donors increase chances to donate to a cause when matched. 1 out of 3 donate a higher amount when matched..
  • The easiest way & best experience

    Donate within 10 seconds. Pay with any payment methods from your smartphone with less friction.
  • All from one app

    Sign up once, give church offerings and donate to fundraisers one thumb at a time. Easily review your donations for tax purposes. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • High-tech & secure

    Relying on no hacking or incorrect transactions because they are based on the proven Stripe financial network.