Catholic Christian Faith Technology to provide the next generation donors the best tool to give to nonprofits, mass, appeals, fundraisings. The future is QR. Venmo, Paypal, Payment Portal is outdated and slow, younger generations find that nonprofits are hassles when it comes to donation, but the reason they still give is due to the cause. However, many are losing tons of donations because of this silly dated way of giving.
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A Pro Tool for Smart Giving

Give in a way that fits you, not with what nonprofit is limited to. Seamless, powerful, impactful, one app for all donations going to fundraising events, nonprofits and churches.

Smart App for Smart Donor

  • Double your donation

    Give more when your beloved organization is receiving a pledge from other users or institutions.
  • Double their donations

    We are the first fintech that brings Crowd Match-Funding. 84% of donors increase chances to donate when matched.
  • Share your thoughts

    Communication gap between donors and nonprofits is huge. From too much emails, letters, and ignorances. We simplify everything for you.
  • Crowdsourcing needs

    See a poor sound system or a old boiler? You can be the first to add those causes.
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When Visiting

Nonprofits, Monasteries, or Pilgrimage Sites

When Attending

Fundraising, Masses, Conferences

When Recalling

Our brothers and sisters in need
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Universal Mobile Donation Platform

  • The easiest way & best experience

    Donate within 10 seconds. Pay with any payment methods from your smartphone with less friction.
  • All from one app

    Sign up once, give church offerings and at any fundraisings. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Location based

    In case you are physically at a location. The app knows which organizations are around you.
  • High-tech & secure

    Relying on no hacking or incorrect transactions because they are based on the proven Stripe financial network.